Marouflage of canvas on wood 
Marouflage on jute canvas is a technique known to artist since the Middle Ages. This technique consists of using pressure to paste quality prints over a hard surface. Following several steps which may extend over a week, the so called Maroufle are subsequently hand-embellished, varnished, numbered, signed and eventually framed. Size: Paper : Canvas on wood : 11"x15"

“Giclée” editions on paper or canvas
“Giclée” is french word for “squirt”. This printing process means squirting microscopic dots onto quality special paper or canvas. The ink is absorbed slightly and blend to reproduce a fine art edition. The combination of a pigment inks and paper or canvas gives stunning vibrancy colors and realism. UV and long time resistance. Different sizes available on paper and canvas.

Magnetic art collection
High quality acrylic varnish with texture. Hand made in the workshop and signed by the artist.
Size : 5.5”x5.5” - with envelope.

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